Creating That Image:

Most parents start out with expectations about their child's temperament. When they don't come true, parents often act as if they had. As a result, their parenting style doesn't match up well with their child's temperament. Problems result.

Here you can use over 20 years of behavioral research by The Preventive Ounce to gain a clearer picture of your child's current temperament. You can compare your general impressions (which often are colored by your expectations) with scale scores based on more specific details reflecting your child's temperament... details you might otherwise not consider.

Here's a sample of the kind of help you'll get with your child's specific behavior, based on the profile that is created from the information you give.


Unpredictable Nap Times


Refuses To Go To Sleep At Night, Even If Tired
Clings To Parent


Fighting with Other Children

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