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Connecting Temperament and Behavior

Most parents start out with hopes and expectations about their child’s behavior. In fact, most children have “middle of the road” temperaments and most parenting books are about “middle of the road” children. No wonder that when children have one or more extreme temperament traits parents are often surprised and confused. What works with other children doesn’t work with this one. And problems come up that other parents don’t have to deal with. For example, even though many children quickly get comfortable in child care, it is normal for very cautious children to need a more gradual transition. Even though most toddlers don’t bite, it is normal for toddlers with certain temperament traits to bite. (You’ll learn the details after you do a temperament profile.)

The Preventive Ounce, with over 30 years of research, will give you a clearer picture of your child’s temperament. You can compare your general impressions (which are often colored by your expectations) with your child’s actual temperament. Your child’s score is based on your answers to specific questions that reflect temperament-details you may not have considered before.

Specific recommendations for managing your child’s behavior will depend on the temperament profile that is created from the information you give.