Revisión de los clientes

Más de 40,000 padres han usado la Onda Preventiva para facilitar la crianza de los hijos y evitar culpas y culpas innecesarias. Revisa nuestros testimonios

Jack Doe
Bryan's Dad

“ I get it! My son likes to know ahead of time what's happening next—just like I do.”

Lisa White
David's Mom

“ It’s hard to have a cautious child when I’m so adventuresome, but it’s better to accept who he is than be angry at him.”

Michael Doe
Caroline’s Dad

“ I used to think my child was wild. Now I know he needs to exercise as much as a race horse does.”

James Gibson
Jake and Sasha’s Dad

“Now that I understand why my daughter had tantrums, I can avoid many of them... and understanding why some tantrums are inevitable, I’m more patient while they last.”